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About me...

My Story

I am a health coach and a healthy living enthusiast dedicated to helping women discover the power of a balanced life. My journey in this realm began in a transformative and deeply personal way.

Before receiving my diagnosis of celiac disease (an autoimmune condition), my life was impacted by a range of debilitating symptoms. I lived with constant fatigue, persistent headaches, uncomfortable bloating, eczema, and a daily struggle to concentrate on tasks. Health seemed like an unsolvable puzzle, one I didn’t even question. “It’s just how my body is,” was my excuse.

Simultaneously, I felt lost in a professional arena in the corporate world that didn’t bring me personal fulfilment, resulting in stress, anxiety, a lack of purpose, and confusion about the future.

Being diagnosed was a revealing starting point. From that crucial moment, I delved into the world of holistic health and self-care. Each discovery taught me the importance of a comprehensive approach to health, involving not only nutrition but also body movement, mental balance, and the cultivation of emotional well-being.

Celiac disease compelled me to shift my perspective on health and recognize that my body is my greatest ally. With dedication and continuous learning, I was able to overcome debilitating symptoms and build a strong foundation for a happier and healthier life.


Throughout this journey,

I discovered my mission: to help other busy, tired, and stressed-out women break free from the autopilot cycle and prioritize their health and well-being. With a holistic approach, I embrace all aspects of health, including nutrition, movement, the mind, and emotional well-being.

I believe that every woman has the right to live with vitality, energy, and joy. I also believe that each one can become the foremost advocate for their body and health, and I want to empower them with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their goals on this health journey.

Work with me

I understand that women today face constant demands and often neglect their own needs. It’s time to change that narrative. We will work together to develop a personalized and achievable plan tailored to your unique lifestyle. It’s not about quick fixes. It’s about lasting transformations.

Welcome to this new chapter where self-care is a priority, and happiness becomes a conscious choice.

Are you in?

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