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If you have to apologize for being yourself, find new people

In the grand narrative of life, some of us are labelled ‘too much’—our intensity, passion, and authenticity can make others uncomfortable. If you’ve ever felt the weight of that judgment, remember this: being ‘too much’ is a testament to the richness of your spirit.

Your authenticity, unfiltered and intense, is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a beacon that may dazzle some and unsettle others. And that’s okay. The world needs your unbridled energy and unapologetic spirit.

Embracing the adventure of self-discovery means embracing every facet of your being, even the parts that some might find challenging. If, along this journey, you feel the urge to apologize for the brilliance that defines you, resist. Life is too precious to dim your light for anyone.

Seek connections with those who uplift, inspire, and genuinely celebrate the essence of who you are. Your tribe is waiting—those who resonate with the depth of your soul and appreciate the brilliance of your authenticity.

So, here’s to living unapologetically, to attracting souls who celebrate your essence, and to a journey where apologies for being yourself become a distant memory. Embrace your light, for it has the power to illuminate not only your path but the paths of those fortunate enough to walk alongside you.

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