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Should we really listen to our bodies?

If I truly listened to my body I wouldn’t have moved or done anything for the past month. It’s cold and days are short. That means I feel like sleeping in most days and being home all the time.

This would be ok if we spent spring and summer days outside, moving. We could do like most animals, that limit activity during the winter. But we would have to do like most animals that move around a lot during spring and summer.

But we don’t. Society dictates we must work the same amount of hours and using the same schedules regardless of the season. It also makes us spend most of the day in one place and position (sitting or on our feet depending on the work you do), with limited time to eat, designated times for breaks.

So we must listen to the body. But we may have to be disciplined instead many times. We must make the effort to move the body even when it’s cold. Stretch. Feed ourselves properly. Drink water anyway because we spend most of the day indoors in heated environments.

We must go a bit against what the body is wired to ask for during the winter because we don’t ask less of the body during this time, do we?

So keep on moving, eating well, sleeping enough and managing your stress.

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