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Tradition is overrated

December is coming and I dare you to challenge the idea that the holiday season must follow a predetermined script. What if, instead of running ourselves ragged with obligations, we focused on the magic that comes with taking care of our mental and physical health?

Imagine a holiday season where YOU set the rules. Break free from the pressure to conform to traditions that leave you broke, overwhelmed, and tired. It’s okay to rewrite the narrative. Your well-being deserves the spotlight!

Embrace the idea that the most meaningful traditions are the ones that nurture your soul. Whether it’s a quiet moment of reflection, a walk in nature, or a cosy evening with loved ones, let this season be a celebration of what truly matters.

This is your invitation to live the holiday season as you want – with intention, joy, and a sprinkle of rebellion against the notion that things must be done a certain way. Your mental and physical health are the most precious gifts you can give yourself!

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